Lovely Ladies

Acrylic on canvas – 2014

One person may have variuos sides. As a gemini, you’re being recognised as two faced, but there’s more variations to a person than that… My Lovely Ladies displays different emotional stages handling a rough breakup. An extremly difficult struggle, trying to find out…Who am I? What’s the true face of Me?

One part of me wanted to dig a deep hole, to shut my tear-stained eyes and dive in. Never to look back. Another me wanted to release my hair, color my lips red and glow. Shimmer like a bright star on an icy midsummer sky and live like there’s no tomorrow. A third me just wanted revenge…

My Lovely Ladies, my true musketeers. adds a dimension to at least three of my different faces.

Size: 35 * 15 cm

Canvas depth: 3 cm


Signed by me on the back.


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